GetYourGuide (GYG) is launching a new product, their “Originals by GetYourGuide” collection, “one-of-a-kind experiences for travelers.” The expansion will include a new sports category.

The new sports category will feature a variety of categories that are not bookable anywhere else, and can include anything from motorsports, basketball, and sailing. GYG has seen a 137 percent growth in bookings for sports experiences since 2022.

“As a marketplace for unforgettable experiences, there is a lot of potential within the world of sports, catering to the passion of travelers for this dynamic category,” said Jean-Gabriel Duveau, vice president of brand at GetYourGuide. “Whether it’s the rush of motorsport racing, or the spirited atmosphere of football or basketball, each sport presents exciting opportunities for travelers to immerse themselves in. Across our inventory and within our ‘Originals by GetYourGuide’ collection, travelers can book experiences that go beyond visiting their favorite arena, such as going behind the scenes of legendary stadiums or witnessing firsthand how a F1 racing car is made.”

As part of this launch, GetYourGuide is offering a tour inside the working headquarters of McLaren Racing, the McLaren Technology Centre, the first tour to give the general public the opportunity to step inside McLaren’s home, see the winning vehicles from the team’s racing history, and learn about what goes into the making of a McLaren.

“The McLaren name is synonymous with innovation, passion and competition, being one of the oldest and most successful F1 racing teams,” said Duveau. “This exclusive tour we are excited to offer with McLaren is one of our most extraordinary tours yet. For many racing fans, McLaren means a history of excellence and seeing where a McLaren comes to life like few have is truly bucket-list-worthy.”

Bookable exclusively with GetYourGuide, the general public will get private access to visit McLaren’s production, testing, and Mission Control areas for the first time in McLaren’s history. Travelers will have the following opportunities, among others:

  • A rare chance to see the winning vehicles from McLaren’s racing history.
  • A walk through the trophy cabinets to listen to the stories of McLaren’s famous F1 wins.
  • A visit to the Mission Control room, where more than 30 engineers monitor car performance on race days.
  • The opportunity to witness McLaren employees while they are at work.
  • A view of the production floor to learn about how these striking cars are built and get a glimpse of the meticulous hand-assembly process.

“Here at McLaren Racing, fans are at the centre of what we do,” said Lindsey Eckhouse, Director, Licensing & Digital Products, McLaren Racing. “We are thrilled to partner with GetYourGuide and continue to expand our range of offerings to our global fanbase. The McLaren Technology Centre is home to all our racing history, innovation and passion, and we are looking forward to sharing this with a wider audience.”

The “Originals by GetYourGuide” experiences will also include sports-themed experiences at:

  • Madison Square Garden in New York City
  • Roland-Garros Stadium in Paris
  • French champion sailor Tanguy le Turquais’ sailing yacht the Vendée Globe
  • O2 Arena in London
  • Yas Marina Circuit Guided Tour in Abu Dhabi
  • Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) Guided Tour

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