The Islands of Tahiti launched a new campaign: “When did you last Feel Treasured?” The Feel Treasured campaign is hoping to reach travelers who are ready for adventure, romance, or to relax after an exhausting two years.

Tahiti is allowing travelers who are vaccinated who have taken an antigen or RT-PCR test within 24 hours of departure and completed the ETIS form within 30 days before departure. Those travelers must have also received a booster shot if their original vaccine series was more than nine months before their trip.

“We’ve not just lost our ability to travel in recent years, we’ve been deprived of sensations, self-care, and feelings of embrace from loved ones and those in our communities,” said Kristin Carlson, managing director of Tahiti Tourisme North America. “Feeling Treasured is about returning to warmth, joy, and the sense of being present in our lives, the sensation that comes from Mana, the spirit of The Islands of Tahiti.”

The Islands of Tahiti put together a video that showcases the 118 islands, and will be featured on numerous platforms.

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