The Italian government is paying cruise lines for their decision to ban large ships from the Venice lagoon. According to Italian newspaper The Local, the compensation will come out to 57.5 million euros, or around $65 million.

Around 30 million euros will be allocated for 2021 for companies who had extra costs due to “rescheduling routes and refunding passengers who cancelled trips,” the infrastructure ministry said. The terminal operator and other related companies will receive the other 27.5 million euros.

The Venice lagoon is a a UNESCO world heritage site, the UN’s cultural organization, and the ban by the government came just before the group was to meet to discuss adding Venice to a list of endangered heritage sites banning ships.

Large cruise ships will be banned from St Mark’s Basin, St Mark’s Canal, and the Giudecca Canal, but will be allowed at Marghera, the industrial port on the mainland. Some smaller cruise ships are allowed through the canals.