Kristie Wolfe, an airbnb owner who has created a number of unique experiences, including the Famous Idaho Potato airbnb (yes, you actually get to stay in a giant potato), has launched her latest property: MoonPass Lookouts.

MoonPass Lookouts: An Elevated Forest Experience is located in the forests around Wallace, Idaho. The 55-acre property includes five lookout towers, each 30 feet tall. Each tower has 360-degree windows, kitchen, king-sized bed, wood-burning stove, bathroom, and a private sauna. Each will also be pet friendly.

“MoonPass Lookouts isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a unique fusion of history and nature,” Wolfe said.

The property is currently on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and it’s clear Wolfe is passionate about funding the onsite museum informing visitors of the Great Fire of 1910.

“I’m hoping the tower rentals will fund the Fire Lookout Museum. In doing so, we can create a space where folks can learn about our forests, fire history, and pick up some important fire safety tips” said Wolfe.

Wallace, Idaho holds significance as the starting point of the Great Fire of 1910, also known as the ‘Big Burn,’ which remains one of the largest forest fires in U.S. history.

“One of the notable figures from the Great Burn is Ed Pulaski, a hero who led his firefighting crew to safety in a mine shaft,” Wolfe added. “You can embark on a beautiful 5-mile hike from our MoonPass property to visit this mine shaft, paying homage to Pulaski’s bravery and the historical significance of the event.”

Other things to do on site include hiking, fishing, sitting by the fire, axe throwing, and mountain biking.
MoonPass Lookouts is currently on Indiegogo and is available now to book. Learn more here: MoonPass Lookouts.

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If you’d like to learn more about Kristie Wolfe’s projects, here is a video on the Idaho Potato Hotel: