Following the success of world cruises, Royal Caribbean has decided to launch its own Ultimate World Cruise. The itinerary includes 274 nights, seven continents, 65 countries, and more than 150 destinations.

The new Royal Caribbean Cruise will sail on Serenade of the Seas, leaving Miami on Dec. 10, 2023 and ending Sept. 10, 2024. Guests can also choose from four different segments of the trip if they do not want to sail for 274 days.

Some of the new Royal Caribbean destinations on the cruise include: Casablanca, Morocco; Qaqortoq, Greenland; and Shimizu, Japan. The cruise will also visit Machu Picchu in Peru and the Taj Mahal in India, among others.

“This is the world cruise of world cruises,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International “Now more than ever, people have resolved to travel the world and make up for lost time. Royal Caribbean is making that a reality with the ultimate vacation that welcomes those seeking adventure and exploration to taste, dance and dream with us around the world. To travelers asking themselves where they should go next, we say everywhere.”

If travelers do not want to sail for the full 274 days, they can choose from four different segments of the cruise.

  • Round the Horn: Americas and Antarctica Expedition
    • Dec. 10, 2023 – Feb. 11, 2024 – Three continents, 36 destinations, four wonders
  • Wonders of Asia and the Pacific Expedition
    • Feb. 11 – May 9, 2024 – Three continents, 40 destinations, three wonders
  • Middle East Treasures and Marvels of the Med Expedition
    • May 9 – July 10, 2024 – Three continents, 44 destinations, four wonders
  • Capitals of Culture
    • July 10 – Sept. 10, 2024 – Three continents, 40 destinations