Much of Southeast Asia closed to tourists in 2020 due to COVID-19, but a few of them are reopening.

Islands in SE Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, kept their COVID rates low in 2020 and 2021 due to the closures.

Thailand officially reopened to tourism on July 1, according to CNBC, and has announced they will be opening popular tourist locations and large cities by the end of 2021. The opening includes a plan to allow visitors who test negative for COVID-19 before arriving in Phuket without quarantine. In July and August of 2021, vaccinated travelers were allowed and 26,400 tourists arrived.

Throughout the rest of the year, the country will be opening in phases, with much of the country open by 2022.

In Vietnam, vaccinated travelers will be welcome to their island of Phu Quoc in October 2021, CNBC also reported. Vietnam will also be opening in phases, with full reopening also due by the end of the year.

Singapore is now allowing travelers who are vaccinated and have four negative COVID tests, from Germany and Brunei. They will be welcoming visitors from other countries with other requirements, called “Air Travel Passes” and “Vaccinated Travel Lanes.” Travelers from many other Asian countries are also allowed to enter Singapore under those programs.

Indonesia will be reopening Bali, Bintan, and Batam soon, although they have not announced a date for all locations. Bali is planning to opening in October to international tourists, although that opening has been delayed quite a few times.

Malaysia’s Langkawi reopened in September of 2021, but only for vaccinated domestic tourists. The country also plans to open Tioman Island, Johor, Melaka, and Borneo’s Sabah.