Passengers enrolled with CLEAR’s airport screening may now have to undergo additional security and identification checks due to a security breach in the summer of 2022.

The screening program uses eye and fingerprint scanners at airport kiosks to confirm identities of passengers, before being escorted to the TSA screening line. The CLEAR line is generally shorter than the regular TSA security line and many times is also shorter than the TSA Pre-Check line. Members pay $189 a year for the service.

But according to the Washington Post, more CLEAR members will now have to have their IDs checked by TSA before passing through security. The TSA began conducting additional random checks after a July 2022 “incident.” The TSA did not comment further on the incident.

“TSA is responsible for ensuring that all systems and programs, including those provided by private companies, meet requisite standards and will take necessary steps to ensure security needs are met,” the TSA said in a statement. “Accurate and reliable verification of passenger identity is foundational to aviation security and effective screening by TSA.”

CLEAR told the Washington Post that their membership accounts for 10 percent of travelers at 52 airports.